Cuban cigars have secured a special part in the hearts of cigar aficionados and this is for a good reason. Of all the cigars in the world, Cuban cigars have withstood the test of time while still maintaining their robust characteristics and value in the market. One would suppose that their heightened prestige is due to the embargo enacted by John F. Kennedy in 1962 which made them illegal in the United States, but they we’re already a high demand commodity even before that.

US President John F. Kennedy was a huge cuban cigar enthusiast!

Cuban cigars are quite popular since Cuba has been making cigars for many years. These cigars carry with them a rich history as the cigars are actually rolled by the master blenders producing a work of art that is quite intense, potent and flavourful.  These cigars give off robust aromas of spice, earth and cedar. This entices a significant number of Cigar enthusiasts as smoking a Cuban cigar guarantees to offer a unique and pleasurable experience.

Getting Cuban cigars means you have to visit Cuba or any other country that allows the selling of Cuban Cigars. Luckily enough, Kenya happens to be one of those countries where you can get Cuban Cigars!

Cuban Cigar prices are also not particularly cheap. These premium smokes have heavy price tags on them and the prices are going higher by the day! Bombshell news don’t often circulate in the world of premium cigars, but Habanos made a release citing a significant increase in Cuban Cigar prices worldwide! And as you guessed, price hikes are never welcome news to consumers. Cuban Cigars have been transformed from merely expensive cigars to something that for many, is now extravagant luxury.

A Cuban Cigar Factory in Cuba!

Prices of these premium smokes differ depending on where you purchase them. If you can get yourself a Cuban cigar in Cuba, it will likely be relatively inexpensive, excluding the airfare to get there. However, that’s assuming you can find the cigar you are looking for. If you are looking for Cuban Cigars elsewhere, prices can go up dramatically due to importation taxes and excise duties. For an aficionado seeking a Cuban Cigar experience just for the novelty of it, they will have to decide if the price to purchase it is worth it.

Finding authentic Cuban Cigars is another painstaking activity that someone who is really keen on getting a Cuban Cigar must be aware of. For years, fake Cuban cigars have been used to entice buyers in the market since they are in such high demand. If you choose to purchase Cuban cigars, you need to make sure you are dealing with trusted stores. While purchasing Cuban Cigars can be a daunting and expensive exercise, they offer a glance into the history of cigars that you can’t get from any other country. They are considered a novelty and rarity for that reason.  Whether or not you want to get yourself some Cuban Cigars, it all boils down to whether you have the financial capacity to do so and whether the cigars suit your taste preference. If you have a taste for intense flavours, and the money to get some of these premium smokes combined with a deep desire to experience a rare Cuban cigar, this is a unique experience you should definitely indulge in!

A collection of cuban cigars in a Romeo Y Julieta Box


  1. Huqa

    Great touch of history and a trip to Cuba. It’s quite interesting to see how sanctions can impact the cigar culture, gladly that didn’t last long n the Cuban Cigars have upheld the standards.

    Habanos cigars are the best Cuban cigars I have sampled. Good job, thanks to Brick Cigars I am severing some in my humidor.

  2. Eli

    Now I understand why they cost as much… mmh makes sense.


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