Buying Cigars Online In Kenya.

Should you buy cigars and cigar accessories online in Nairobi Kenya? As much as buying products online in Kenya has been met with multiple criticisms and negative feedback from online shoppers countrywide, at Brick Cigars Kenya, you can be guaranteed of the quality of standards and effective customer service that has been maintained to always make you come back for more cigars and accessories. It can be such a hassle to always visit where the action takes place in order to collect your precious cigars, so why not save all that time and have your cigar delivered anywhere in Kenya at your doorstep?

Through our online store, you can check out any cigar selection in your cart and have it delivered to your specified address within the day. This is the beauty of online access designed for effective and efficient service delivery to our esteemed clients. All you have to do is place an order and the cigars will be delivered.

Assorted cigar sampler Brick Cigars Kenya
Assorted Cigars

Status of the cigars.
You can trust that the storage and care that has been accorded to these cigars are worth their value. Whether you buy single pieces or packs, you can be sure that the cigars are delivered in travel humidor packs that ensure the quality of each stick. What’s even better, cigars like Bongani cigars are individually packed in glass tubes assuring the customer of the authenticity and quality.

Customer service
Feel free to reach out on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, online chat feature and phone and we will answer to help you finalize your cigar orders online. Any issues with the cigars will be easily rectified. We are here to make your day exceptional with these precious cigars available in Kenya.

Quick shipping of your purchase is guaranteed through online purchase. You can get the package carefully packaged and delivered to a location of your choosing. Cigar delivery time outside Nairobi varies depending on the time of purchase 1-2 business days.

We appreciate your feedback on the quality of our services. Did we fall short of expectations, let us know about it and we’ll be sure to make amends with credit by sending a freebie or two on your next order.


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