In an era where we are constantly bombarded with long hours of work, it might be hard for cigar enthusiasts to cut off from their daily activities and indulge into a sizeable smoking session. True to the words of Mark Twain “Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar!”

This is where having yourself a cigarillo can save the day. Cigarillos are ideal for short smokes and perfect for short breaks as the right one can give you the right kick of tobacco power and flavour in just a single puff.

Our compilation of these four top selling and inexpensive cigarillos that beg for exploration, promise cigar enthusiasts a satisfying experience and value for their coin.

Toscanello Rosso Caffe

A short but strong character from Italy with sweet caffe aromas will lift your spirits during your break time. A single draw leaves you excited with the sweet scents and load of creamy smoke that is produced. You will need to give yourself a break of 25 to 35 minutes to enjoy this dark blended coffee scented cigarillo that hits the nerves with just the right kick of expresso. The cigar gives off a slow consistent burn and easily pulls you to alertness as you get back to your pressing activities.

Macanudo Connecticut Ascot

If you feel the cafe aromas are too much for you in the Toscanello, you could always take a pick from the Macanudo Connecticut Ascot that comes as a metal tin of 10 Ascots. Macanudo are well known for their top class craftsmanship in following a very unique process of aging their tobacco to produce top quality cigars. The Ascot will be a perfect alternative if you just want some subtle hints of coffee that segues into other flavours and aromas of Earthy, woody, nut, pepper. This is also perfect for 25 – 35 minutes as it gives off quite a quick burn, but still satisfying nonetheless.

Cuesta Rey Cameo Tins

Onto another well-crafted cigarillo that also comes in metal tins are the Cuesta Rey Cameo Cigarillos from J.C Newmann’s, Diamond Crown Cigar Company. The metal tins also entices the cigarillo lover as it can act as a portable ashtray as well. The Cameos are a perfect example of how every good cigar brand should have a cigarillo in a slightly larger format as it brings forth excellence that has been experience from other Cuesta Rey cigars, in a slightly shorter format. The Cameos exudes creamy, cocoa and earthy aromas that you can enjoy with some hot expresso over a 20 – 30 minutes window. This cigarillo will appeal to smokers with a bit more time and those who have chosen to enjoy a smoke over a small time window.

Cohiba Shorts

Cuban enthusiasts are not left out as well. Cohiba Shorts are quite strong and spicy and act as a perfect escape during that short break. This is not to say non-Cuban cigar lovers can’t enjoy these Cuban short break heroes. In fact, anyone interested in short smokes can find these spicy Cuban rolls as a perfect companion for a period of up to 20 minutes.


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