Let’s talk about cuts!! Yes, how to cut your cigar. There are so many cigar formats that you will get from us here in , cigarillos, robustos, torpedos and box-pressed coronas which all require a type of cut that helps mature the cigar to the best taste and flavour, of course to the smoker’s preference.

infographic of various sections of a cigar
Various sections of a cigar

Right down to it, a cigar tip is made up of the cap, the shoulder and it opens up to the body of the cigar. When cutting the cigar cap, it is very important to distinguish these sections. When you cut too much of the shoulder, the wrapper gets unraveled and that is the worst experience for a premium cigar. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a small hole on the cap, it is, in fact, recommended but let’s first understand the other types of cuts.

Straight cut

Take your cigar, line up with the guillotine cutter and snip the cap of the cigar. This principle applies to most of the rounded cigars which creates a small hole on the cap for the perfect draw on the cigar. Less is more in this scenario, the smaller the hole the better and richer draw you get from the cigar.

As long as the blades on your double blade guillotine cigar cutter are sharp, there is no going wrong with this type of cut. Just be careful to not cut too much of the cap which gets into the binder of the cigar. Putting this in your mouth leads to having tobacco in your mouth. Not the best feeling having to spit that out.

using a straight guillotine cigar cutter
The correct way vs the incorrect way

V cut

You either love it or hate it. Similar to the straight cut, place our cigar on the cradle and push down the cutter, it provides a better cut for mostly box-pressed cigars that are not round. But hey, how deep your v cut goes helps with the draw on your cigar. And none of that nasty tobacco bits that you have to keep on spitting especially with cheap machine cut cigars that are all around everywhere.

using a Cigar V Cutter
V Cuts

Punch cut

Not so common, you’ve probably not heard of it. The punch hole tool will create a small hole on the cigar cap. Place the cigar on the punch hole and twist gently until the hole is created. But you will probably not know how good it is until you try it.

using a Cigar punch Cutter
Using a punch cutter

Hopefully, you’ve gotten good information from these tips on cigars, now let me enjoy my coffee and cigar moment and stay tuned for the next post. Adios!!


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