Portable Boveda Cigar Humidor Bag

Portable Boveda Cigar Humidor Bag


Camp, boat, golf, ski or fire pit with cigars but keep them fresh. Even a few hours without humidity protection can affect the flavor and enjoyment of premium cigars. Not an issue when you store sticks with 2-way humidity control. (Sorry, cigars not included.)

Boveda Medium Humidor Bag versus a plastic kitchen bag:
  • 3X stronger—provides the same protective moisture barrier as a tupperdor—without the bulk
  • Protective barrier keeps humidity in, odors and dry air out
  • Preloaded with Boveda 69% RH, which releases and absorbs moisture as needed to protect the oils and sugars in tobacco
  • Durable—just replace the Boveda inside and you’re good to go for another year

The Medium Humidor Bag is for:

  • Up to 15 cigars
  • One year of portable, airtight cigar storage
  • Affordable first humidor
  • Gifting with celebratory cigars
  • Safeguarding souvenir cigars

We consider the Boveda Humidipaks to be an absolute top accessory for every humidor, not only for beginners but also seasoned cigar enthusiasts. The exact and even maintenance of the relative air humidity is just great. It is not for nothing that this accessory was voted the best accessory of 2012 by the magazine "Cigar Aficionado"!

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BIG (Size 60), SMALL (Size 8)


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