Villiger 1492 Robusto Pack of 3


Villiger 1492 Robusto Pack of 3


Brand: Villiger

Origin: Dominican

Dimensions (mm): Length-127 & Diameter-20.6

Smoking time: 45 to 90 min

Strength: Mild

Format: Robusto

Aroma: Grass, woody, spicy

Box packing: Carton box

The Villiger 1492 Robusto is a mild and by no means too strong cigar creation from the Dominican Republic. These mild yet refined spicy cigars are sure to satisfy discerning smokers. They are also offered in a beautiful solid wooden box, which is ideal as a gift for the discerning smoker. A glass of mild, fruity Barbados rum goes perfectly with this cigar.

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Full Box of 3, Single Stick


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