The Bongani Cigar In Kenya: The First Cigar with an African Heritage

When sourcing for cigars in Kenya, most folks find it hard to imagine that there could be an African blended Cigar that matches up to its Cuban, Dominican and Nicaraguan counterparts in elegance, style, taste and craftmanship; but that’s just a few of the great features of the Bongani Robusto Cigar.

The Bongani Robusto Cigar, originally handmade in Maputo Mozambique and then encased with a rich Cameroon wrapper before aging in Ghanaian cedar, shows a distinct African boldness and sophistication. The cigar comes the same size as the Partagas Serie D No. 4 Robusto or the Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2, making it a perfect size for any cigar enthusiast or aficionado that’s wants to try out a Robusto sized cigar in Kenya.

The Bongani Robusto Cigar in kenya
The Bongani Robusto Cigar

Being Kenya’s only African luxury cigar in the market, cigar enthusiasts are quite impressed and interested to try out this local cigar and the cigar itself proves that its worth all the coin and admiration. According to multiple cigar lovers, the cigar proves to be heavily scented, producing an earthy smoke and nuances of spice and Ghanaian Cedarwood giving a smoking pleasure of up to 1 hr.

Bongani Robusto on an ashtray
Bongani Robusto on an ashtray

The Bongani Cigar proves to be a valuable piece of enjoyment for any cigar lover in Kenya. The cigar comes packed in an airtight glass tube that maintains the humidity of the cigar and protects the cigar from physical damage during transportation.

Bongani Robusto Glass Tubes cigars in kenya
Bongani Robusto Glass Tubes

The Bongani manufacturer continues to make this bold cigar readily available in the Kenyan market by working with Cigar Shops in Kenya like us at Brick Cigars Kenya. The Bongani Cigar is now available in Kenya for all cigar lovers across all our physical and online cigar stores.

Box of Bongani Robusto Cigar in kenya
Box of Bongani Robusto Cigars

Want to make an order? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on call or make your order online here!

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