It is clear that women are breaking down gender barriers in most male dominated activities and the luxury of cigar smoking is not an exception! As society becomes more accepting of women who smoke cigars, more and more women are joining the scene, making it no longer a male-only experience. Let’s find out what is happening and why this is a trend, here to stay.

A woman smoking a cigar often takes people off guard. It can be seen as an assertion of power or confidence that may surprise or challenge people’s expectations based on gender stereotypes. It’s fascinating to see a woman smoking a cigar, which has traditionally been associated with masculinity.

Octavia Toliver, Founder of HERficionado

For women cigar enthusiasts, having a cigar is a way to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It provides a moment of solitude and relaxation, allowing them to enjoy some quiet time to themselves. Cigar smoking can be a meditative experience, allowing women to clear their minds and focus on the present moment. Whether enjoying a cigar on their own or with a group of like-minded friends, cigar smoking provides a chance for women to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life.

Genevieve Monique, Tobacconist

In addition to being a way to unwind and enjoy some quiet time, cigar smoking is also a way for women to connect with others who share their passion for cigars. Cigar shops, lounges and events provide a welcoming space for women to socialize and network while enjoying a good smoke. These gatherings offer the opportunity to explore different tastes and flavors, learn about the history and culture of cigar smoking, and connect with kindred spirits. As more women embrace cigar smoking, it’s likely that we will see an increase in female-focused events and gatherings, creating even more opportunities for women to come together and enjoy the social aspect of this time-honored tradition.

Brand Ambassador, Konscious Cigars

The growing presence of women in the cigar industry is a positive sign of progress and diversity. This highlights the increasing recognition of women’s skills, expertise, and contributions in the industry, thus bringing in fresh perspective, new ideas, and a broader customer base.

In conclusion, the rise of women in the cigar world is a welcome change that reflects a growing acceptance of female cigar enthusiasts. As the cigar scene continues to evolve, we can expect to see more women explore this time-honored tradition and make their mark in this once male-dominated space. So, ladies, go ahead and light up – the world of cigars is waiting for you!


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