What sort of gift can I get a cigar enthusiast? This must be a question that has lingered on your mind every now and then. Erase those worries once and for all and be sure that we have some of the best suggestions for you.

Being a cigar enthusiast is an acquired taste that involves indulging in a deep tradition of fine crafted smokes. Cigar lovers not only enjoy the tasting experience, but also appreciate the ceremonial and ritualistic aspect of cutting, lighting and smoking the cigar. You might want to keep this in mind so that any gift presented would serve to enhance this experience and make the cigar lover appreciate the ritual even more.

The following items will make perfect gifts for the cigar lover in your life:

Cigar Selection

A cigar selection makes a great gift when it gets hard to determine someone’s favorite cigar. A small cigar selection that contains a sample of some of the most popular cigar brands allows the cigar lover to enjoy different blends of cigars that might end up being their new favorite smokes. We have carefully curated selection of cigars that can serve as sampler gifts ready for you here.


A humidor is a necessity for every cigar lover. Humidors are small boxes that holds several cigars while keeping them in optimal condition as they await a smoking session. Keeping cigars in a humidor retains its freshness and unique aroma and taste. Most times the humidor box might not come in handy if the cigar lover is always on the go, but you can always grab a portable humidor bag for ease of portability.


A cigar cutter is essential for every cigar smoker. Cigar enthusiasts are less likely to complain if they receive a number of cutters, because they are a great item to collect. Cigar cutters also come in a variety of styles, so look for something that fits your cigar lover’s personality.


Cigar Lighters are definitely different from those used by cigarette smokers. A jet or torch lighter is a popular option amongst cigar aficionados. It produces a larger and stronger flame which is quite handy for lighting the broad cigar ring.


If there are cigarette smokers in the house, do not expect a cigar aficionado to be sharing the ashtray with them. Cigars require a different type of ashtray because of their larger size. The cigar enthusiast will appreciate a nice ashtray as a gift. They come in many different colours and patterns, so choose one that suits their individual style.

Travel Pouch

If you happen to know your cigar lover as a traveller or someone who needs a little bit of class while carrying their cigars, getting a Cigar Travel Pouch might be a game changer for them. The travel pouches are usually made of leather and very nice aesthetic designs. They come in different sizes, some being able to accommodate several other accessories that the aficionado might need for the session. Getting one of this also requires getting to know what suits their personality or style.

Factory Cigar Boxes

Factory Cigar Boxes are a work of art and carry with them a deep, intimate connection with the cigar brands that your cigar lover enjoys. They are pleasing to the eye with their nice elegant designs and can prove useful for artistic impressions at home, in the man cave, smoking lounge or office. The cigar boxes can also come in handy to the aficionado if they need to repackage cigars and they happen not to have the specific brand box.


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