Tips on storing your cigars

You already purchased your favourite cigars and left wondering how to save them for your perfect smoking moment without spoiling them? As a rule of thumb, any cigar enthusiast should understand the process of maintaining the quality of their cigars and keeping them fresh at all times. Keen attention to details is required to maintain a consistent humidity and temperature range for the cigars; too much moisture and your cigars will get mouldy. Too dry, and they will crack apart.

It goes without saying that to achieve this, you need some specialized tools for the job. These tools are quite essential for an aficionado and as it turns out, worth every coin.

Using Boveda Humidor Bags

This is the most economical method to take care of the freshness of your cigars. All you need to do is to grab a humidor bag and place your favorite sticks in the bag. This bag comes already preloaded with a 69% Boveda Humidity Sachet. These Humidor Bags offer utmost efficiency at a pocket friendly price when it comes to cigar storage. Portability is also a key point to note as you can carry the bag to your outdoor activities while maintaining the freshness of your cigars. This is the newest addition of cigar storage solutions in the market that has got cigar aficionados excited. However the bag can only hold and maintain the freshness of the cigars for up to 1 Year after which, you will be forced to purchase a new bag for your cigars.

Cigars in zip lock bags

Using a Desktop Humidor Box.

This is the ideal choice for having the proper storage of your cigars on a budget. This storage container is designed to store 15 – 25 cigar pieces while maintaining a relative humidity level, which is critical for the cigars. These humidor boxes have a veneer of Spanish cedar on the interior of the box. Spanish cedar is the material of choice for the interiors of the humidor because it absorbs and helps to stop moisture from building up. This wood also imparts its unique aromas to the cigars stored in the humidor.

Desktop Humidor

A humidor box might not necessarily work alone. Other components required to complete the humidor experience include;

Humidifier – Essentially a plastic container with holes. Inside, the container is filled with a sponge which needs to be recharged frequently with distilled water or an alcohol based solution such as Propylene Glycol.  (It is recommended to not mix these two solutions)

Hygrometer- This is a measuring device needed to check for changes in humidity inside your humidor box. As a rule of thumb, if humidity drops under 65%, it is time to add distilled water or the alcohol solution to the humidifier. 

Using a Cabinet Humidor Cabinet.

It is impressive how Aficionados have become more involved with cigar aging and taking care of their cigar collections. New unique ways to store cigars both for home and commercial use are now available including these cabinet boxes.

These cabinet boxes are designed with precision and nice aesthetic designs to ensure that storing your cigars in bulk for extended periods of time is reliable and effective. A standard humidor cabinet can hold up to 600 cigars, while large cabinets can carry up to 5,000 cigars.

Cigar Cabinet Humidor

These humidor cabinets are well equipped with a glass door, an interior design of Spanish cedar, a hygrometer and a humidifier. Due to its delicate nature it is good to store the cigar cabinet away from direct sunlight, heat and vibration. This is to ensure that the ambient conditions do not interfere with the optimal cigar environment in the humidor.

With that said, we would love to know what other tips you use to store your cigars. Fell free to leave comments on the blog section.



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